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Welcome to the MCSN Advocacy action center

The charter school movement is accomplishing great things in Maryland, bringing excellence, innovation, and expanded choices for Maryland families in the public education system.

We need your help! Charter schools need active grassroots supporters to help them with the political and financial challenges they face, and they depend on parent and community involvement to grow and thrive.

There are a number of great ways you can get involved and make a difference. By getting involved, you'll be demonstrating to decision-makers that charter schools have strong support in the community and making sure your voice is heard in the process.


You can make a difference:


MCSN can also help you find your elected officials and provides additional advocacy resources specifically for School Leaders, Board Members and Parents. Click Here to TAKE ACTION.


Tell Us Your Story

When we are talking with legislators at the State House, few things have more impact than personal stories from teachers, parents, principals, etc. who love their public charter schools. As such, we need to hear from you!

How have public charter schools made a difference in your life?

Email us your story at

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