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The process of creating a charter school is daunting at best – in fact it is truly an adventure in all the best and worst meaning of the term. Each founding group will bring to the table a unique vision supported by various resources. It is not possible to accurately generalize about a specific founding group’s needs as they develop their applications. MCSN has identified a menu of services from which each client school’s founders can select based on their needs. MCSN offers workshops and webinars, small group, and individual support, training and technical assistance as well as professional referrals for hands on assistance in writing the charter application and implementing the school’s start-up.


school services and development

The MCSN Charter School Support and Development Program provides Maryland charter school leaders with the tools and guidance necessary for creating successful charter school applications, opening outstanding schools, and strengthening and supporting existing schools. The program is divided into four phases- planning, start-up, implementation, and Leadership for Quality Schools.

MCSN Founding Group Membership

$250 per group

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Phase i Planning to application

Introduction to Maryland Charter Schools

Held up to four times a year via webinar technology

No Charge

The Maryland Charter School Network offers an Introduction to Maryland Charter Schools workshop via webinar for parents, community groups and organizations explaining the charter school law and the process for creating charter schools.   The workshops are offered at no charge but participants must register.

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Charter Application Development Program

Now available at your convenience- pre-recorded webinars with Founding Membership Dues.

MCSN is now offering its popular Charter Application Development Series. at your own pace as a pre-recorded video series.The webinar series is included with your Founding Membership.

Webinar Series

Founding groups are offered nine intensive, pre-recorded webinar series with national experts that focus on providing tools and understanding around the primary areas of the Maryland Model Application:

Designing Your School

Educational Plan, Part I  

Educational Plan, Part II

Education Plan, Part III

Operation Plan

Business Plan

Special Education



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Phase II & III school design & development program

Presented by the Maryland Charter School Network in partnership with FOCUS (Friends of Choice in Urban Schools). Part of the Phase II and Phase III offerings - Start-up Approval, Opening & Implementation.


Cost: $13,000 The program costs are an eligible expense for the Federal Charter School Grant Program. This program is offered to groups that have submitted their charter application to the local school district and are applying for the Federal Charter School Grant Program.


Start- Up, Pre-Opening and 1st two years Package

Includes 58 hours individualized strategic consulting services on the following issues:

     Curriculum                                                            10 hours

     Data and Technology Use                                 10 hours

     Financing                                                              10 hours

     Facilities                                                                10 hours

     Back-office Support                                             10 hours

     1 Day Board Retreat at  school’s location        8 hours


Includes comprehensive Start up in person workshops for up to three attendees. See below for Strand topics, each Strand has four workshops. Complete workshop descriptions are in catalog.

Strand I - Curriculum


Strand II - Compliance


Strand III – Advocacy and Organizing


Strand IV –Employment Law

Strand V –Fundraising

Strand VI- Performance Management

Powerschool Workshops

Professional Learning Communities

Board Governance Retreat


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Phase Iv Leadership for Quality Schools

Presented by the Maryland Charter School Network in partnership with FOCUS (Friends of Choice in Urban Schools).

MCSN Membership Schools can attend in person workshops on a multitude of topics offered through our partnership with FOCUS and their Powerschool program, as well as all other Strand Workshop topic series. Each Strand is $300, which includes four workshops. Member schools can send up to three people. Or individual workshops are $75 per person. All of these workshops are held in Washington  DC.

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For more information about School Support and Development Programs Please contact:

Maryland Charter School Network
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Ph: (800) 689-3795 ext 2

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